Women Grow is a cannabis networking organization founded in Denver, Colorado. The overall goal of Women Grow is to help facilitate business relationships, cannabis education,  empowerment, and inspiration in the industry. Primarily they support the growth of female influence in cannabis since in the past the industry has been dominated mostly by men. They provide an opportunity to balance that, and to empower women to follow their entrepreneurial cannabis dreams. Through membership, participants have access to networking and educational events. They’re already an influential player in the United States cannabis community and now they’ve expanded to Canada as well.

On August 3, 2017, Women Grow hosted one in a series of events they’re calling the “Signature Networking Event Series” in Toronto. Sponsored by law firm Minden LLP  the event was the fourth in the series. The topic was “Medical Cannabis Within the Canadian Cannabis Industry” and a panel of five experts–Sandy Rolston BN,RN (TeamMD), Dr. Michael Hart (Ready To Go Clinic), Dr. Carolina Landolt (Summertree Clinic), Dr. Celeste Thirlwell MD, FRCPC (SWAP Clinic),and John Harrison, PhD. (TeamMD) were there to present. There was also a chance for members to network afterwards with one another at a mixer. These events will be held the first Thursday of every month.

With the recent recreational boom in the United States and the political push for legalization in Canada, it’s only logical that organizations like Women Grow expand their realm of influence. The Canadian market is huge and has the potential to grow exponentially in the coming years. The influence of women in this market is also evident by the growth of the organization, though they do attract and accept male members as well. It’s refreshing to see a group dedicated to the support of women and cannabis education. Canada can expect to see great businesses begin with, Women Grow.  

  Posted: Tuesday, August 22nd, 10:20am a year ago
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