UK Largest Exporter of Cannabis Despite Own Ban


The UK is now the world’s largest producer of legal cannabis in the world. Their government also holds the stance that cannabis has no medicinal value, and their citizens are not provided the opportunity for any type of cannabis therapy. So what gives? Why are they producing so much of a product that they don’t even believe to be helpful?


Record Exports

The Uk produced 95 tons of legal cannabis last year, according to a report from the United Nations’ International Narcotics Control Board. Of that amount, 2 billion was exported which is nearly 68 percent of what the entire planets exports. That’s a lot of ganja.

According to High Times Steve Rolles, senior political analyst for Transform said, “It is scandalous and untenable for the UK government to maintain that cannabis has no medical uses, at the same time as licensing the world’s biggest government-approved medical cannabis production and export market.” Well put Steve, well put.


Big Pharma To Blame

A large portion of cannabis from the UK goes to GW Pharmaceuticals and their medication Epidiolex, a seizure medication set to hit the US market soon. The government is not only helping the large pharmaceutical company but they’re essentially acknowledging that cannabis based medications are a legitimate form of treatment. This flies in the face of what the stance is for their own citizens.


This entire debaucal is what can only be referred to as a hypocritical war on drugs and those who choose to medicate with cannabis. All it has done is line the pockets of politicians while driving citizens to the black market to obtain their medication of choice. 

March 12, 2018

by Shasta Nelson

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Shasta Nelson is a California Native and a cannabis connoisseur. She's been involved in the industry at every level since she was a teenager. Currently she provides content for Roottie, DOPE Magazine, and Terpenes and Testing. She's also a creative writer, with a graphic novel underway.


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