More and More TV Shows Drawing Attention To Canadian Cannabis


Canada's medical marijuana industry has been turning heads in Hollywood. More than a few high profile television programs have packed up their crews and headed north of the border to see what exactly is going on up here. Canada is on its way to being the world leader in all things cannabis, and the attention that popular TV networks have brought to the industry will ensure that everyone knows it.

Canada has been known for cannabis production, whether legal or other wise for nearly half a century. The industry has progressed into a respectable and profitable business model that is drawing the attention of investors from around the globe. The old stigmas associated with marijuana are fading away. With that, television and pop culture have embraced cannabis, making it a center piece of modern entertainment.

One of the more outspoken networks when it comes to Canadian cannabis is Vice. Vice is an edgy, semi-independent media producer who have risen to prominence challenging mainstream narratives. They have fully embraced Canada's medical marijuana industry, dedicating an ongoing web series to Canadian Cannabis. They have covered every topic from extract testing to Canadian weed policy to the illicit edibles market and more. While maintaining a neutral and unbiased approach, the exposure from Vice has helped expose the world to what cannabis culture up north is all about.

Just this month, Jimmy Kimmel, who hosts his own late night show, joked about how Canada was about to become “the stoner living in America's attic.” He poked fun at the current state of marijuana culture in Canada as he joked, “The current punishment for being caught with pot in Canada is a cop saying, 'Hey, maybe don't do that, eh?” The joke being that getting busted with weed in Canada isn't much of a big deal already. Kimmel advocates for marijuana use, and even lit up during an interview with Rolling Stone back in 2013.

The biggest news in cannabis entertainment has to be the History Channel's announcement of their new show documenting Canada's medical marijuana industry, Bud Dynasty. Bud dynasty will track the struggles of budding entrepreneurs as they navigated the uncharted waters that legalization will bring. The show features Bob Kay, a pot entrepreneur seeking to franchise his already successful medical marijuana company. It also follows Vancouver dispensary owner Joe Le as he plots his course forward in Canada's fastest growing industry. No details have been released as to when we can expect to see Bud Dynasty on the air.

It is hard to deny that when it comes to cannabis, all eyes are on Canada. The interest that television has shown is a small indicator of the attention that is yet to come. As legalization gets closer and closer, expect to see more shows cashing in on Canada's green rush.

  Posted: Sunday, May 7th, 5:21am 2 years ago
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