Canada 150: Top National Parks For An Outdoor Session


Canada’s 150th birthday has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean the party is over. One of the most talked-about perks of this sesquicentennial year is that Parks Canada is waiving the $136 cost of a family discovery parks pass to offer free admission to more than 100 national parks, historic sites, and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada. We sifted through some of the most famous natural gems on offer this year to find the ones most likely to blow your mind while high. Pack your portable vaporizer and some edibles for sustenance.


Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland


Feed you inner geologist with views of ancient fjords and sheer-walled cliffs in Gros Morne. It’s one of Canada’s designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it could be mistaken for Middle Earth. The very adventurous stoners can spend summer days hiking the Long Range Mountains and kayaking the pristine waters of Trout River Pond before hitting the vape under the stars at one of five campgrounds. The less-rugged among you can explore from the deck of the Western Brook Pond boat tour.


Bruce Peninsula National Park, Ontario


Inside the Bruce Peninsula National Park are the divine waters of the Grotto, a wide-mouth cave where young people gather to spend the day or even a weekend. Access it by hiking along the rugged Georgian Bay Trail and expect some crowds, especially on long weekends. Scuba diving is available, but regular swimming and sunbathing on the rocks is even more popular. Camping in the park runs year round for the BYO-Tent types who don’t mind a few mosquitoes and the mildly haunting call of coyotes.


Lake Louise & Banff National Park, Alberta


Postcard views begin as soon as the sun breaks the treeline, so set your alarm for at least one Lake Louise wake n’ bake. Rent a canoe to tour the waters, and then get a different perspective from the Rocky Mountains trails that encircle the lake like a lasso. Take some time to explore the Columbia Icefield, the largest uninterrupted glacial mass in the Rockies. Lake Louise can be reached for a day trip if you are in Calgary and only have so much time but this Canadian national park is worth a longer visit than that. September is prime time to get up close and personal with this Canadian treasure because the tourists are back at home leaving you more space to get contemplative about life.


Yoho National Park, British Columbia


Think you don’t know Yoho? You so do. It’s Emerald Lake is one of the most known images associated with Lake Louise. It’s that turquoise pool surrounded by mountains and glaciers—an adventure stoner’s paradise! You can hike a trail around the perimeter of the lake, and even just that would suffice for the wanderlust-driven toker. Pack your bong full of Blue Dream and get lost in the Burgess Shale fossils and let them sweep you away to an Earth that was 500-million-years younger than it is today and just try not to hear David Suzuki narrating the entire thing (in your own head, of course).

Pitch a tent at Takakkaw Falls campgrounds or lodge in Field, one of B.C.’s tiniest towns, population: <200.


Fundy National Park, New Brunswick


There are many smoke-worthy craigs on this Bay of Fundy location, which is known for having the world’s highest tides. Some can rise to the height of a four-storey building. Keep some waterproof lighting mechanisms handy. At low tide, you can walk along part of the seabed of the Atlantic Ocean, with over 100 kilometers of hiking and biking trails and more than 25 waterfalls to behold.


Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island


Stoner princesses will know that Prince Edward Island National Park is home to Cavendish, the inspiration for L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. There, you will find sandy beaches and red sandstone cliffs. The red sandstone is kind of a tourist keepsake economy on its own, and you’ll know what we mean when you go see for yourself. Got the munchies? Try An Octopus’ Garden Cafe, Alma Lobster Shop, or Kelly’s Bakery to quench your craving.


Get your Parks Canada Passes here and start planning your next “stoney” adventure.


July 22, 2017

by Alana Armstrong

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Alana Armstrong writes about cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, and whatever else you might call it. As a newly-minted ACMPR patient, she gained first-hand experience of the amazing benefits cannabis; now she is a passionate advocate for legalization and entrepreneurship. While she stills continues to hypothesize about why the collaboration between Vanessa Beecroft and Kanye matters, her mission is now re-focused on the Green Rush in Canada and the US


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