Medical marijuana producer Tilray has announced their plans for massive global expansion. Their new cultivation facility in Enniskillen Ontario is expected to produce upwards of 51 metric tons of high-end cannabis by the end of next year. Tilray has already begun to export cannabis products to Europe, Australia, and Latin America, and are looking to expand their global reach. The new Enniskillen facility is much needed as the demand for medical marijuana throughout Canada, and the world is growing faster than expected global supplies can manage.

Tilray wasted little time moving in on the global medical marijuana market. Currently available in six countries, Tilray products were the first to be shipped from North America to the EU, as they are one of only a handful of Canadian medical marijuana producers who hold GMP standard certification; a necessary requirement for retailing cannabis products in the European Union. The new expansion represents a company milestone, and is a sign of solid growth and demand for their products. The addition of the new cultivation facilities will increase their yearly output by nearly five times.  

The new facilities will sit on a 100-acre property that already has around 13 acres of functional greenhouses in place. Currently, the plan is to expand on the property over time to 30 acres of working greenhouse with a 40,000 square foot processing area. As the cannabis industry usually does, jobs will be created by the expansion to the tune of around 200-250 new positions. The expansion is going to cost Tilray upwards of $30 million, a small price to pay considering the potential growth of the industry. Tilray currently operates one of the largest modern grow facilities in North America at its site at Nanaimo, British Columbia. The complete expansion is being planned over several years, however, plans for an initial ten-acre greenhouse will be operational and contributing to the companies total output sometime next year.

  Posted: Monday, August 21st, 8:20am a year ago
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