Next to your bud, nothing is more important than what you smoke it out of. These days there are nearly unlimited choices in smoking utensils. Some, however, are not happy with your everyday pipe or bong. Some people like to take their smoking to the next level. Fortunately, there are a handful of companies that appreciate the smoking experience as much as you do and who strive to make every piece of glass they design a unique work of art. Here are five of the hottest glass manufacturers around whose incredible designs are transforming stoners into unwitting art collectors.



Nexus Glass is based out of Los Angeles California. They make incredibly durable, thick glass bongs made out of borosilicate. Their designs are aesthetically pleasing yet made for functionality. Their signature product is known as the puck, due to its flat round shape like a hockey puck. Nexus offers a line of beautiful sandblasted glass bubblers under the Halo line, as well as a line of glow in the dark recyclers. Nexus glass products find a balance between beauty, functionality and an affordable price.  


Sometimes life mimics art, but mostly art mimics life. Such is the case with Empire Glassworks. EGW hand crafts exceptionally realistic smoking utensils. From realistic looking seashells meant for puffing down on your favorite strain to ceramic motorcycles that put out one heck of a dab, Empire Glassworks is not your everyday glass company. Each Empire Glassworks piece is actually handcrafted, not milled on a machine. They use an intricate process of infusing dichroic glass, a glass used in the making of spacesuit face shields, to give each piece unique colors and reflective properties.  


Hi Si makes glass bongs and dabbing accessories that appeal to the more sophisticated smoker. Opting to go with a more industrial look, Hi Si produces glass smoking accessories that would fit in nicely in a scientific laboratory. Finding one of their 18-inch double geyser percolators on a shelf with beakers and other lab equipment would seem fitting. Hi Si makes attractive yet perfectly functional pieces from the very small to the very large. While their design is flawless, their glass bubblers and tubes appear to be much thinner than their competition's meaning they should be used by only delicate hands.  


If ever there was a glass company with a sense of humor, it is High Tech Glass Works. High Tech makes everything from a Coke bottle called the Nuke-Cola dab rig to the “#1 Dab” mug. You won't find any traditional bongs here; just unique, well thought out designs that poke fun at pop-culture icons.  As most of their dab rigs and bubblers are more artistic than practical, they run on the mid to high range of the price spectrum. But those who go with a High Tech piece are making a statement more than simply taking a hit.  


Sech Supply manufactures and distributes their own lines of glass smoking devices. And yes, they make numerous lines of glassware covering just about everyone's needs. From the big to the small and from the plain to the intricate, Sech Supply's catalog of original products is enormous. Sech started out in 2014 in a small town in Georgia. Today their high-end glass bubblers can be found at retailers across North America.

  Posted: Saturday, August 12th, 9:20am a year ago
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