Ottawa has announced a 10% excise tax will be applied to cannabis—regardless of whether it is for a medical patient or recreational consumer.

While many patients, patient advocates, and physicians are against taxing medicinal marijuana, the federal government feels that the tax will dissuade recreational cannabis users from joining the Access to Cannabis for Medicinal Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) program.

“Our government remains committed to maintaining a function medical marijuana system,” Liberal MP Bill Blair told the media after announcing the excises tax in November 2017. The government, he said does not want the taxation levels to be an incentive for people to use the system to get tax-free marijuana. Patients have been paying taxes on their cannabis medicines since the current program’s implementation in 2013.


Just how many of these “fakers” are in the Canada medical marijuana program is unknown, but it's important to know that cannabis prescriptions are overseen by provincial Colleges of Physicians.

Patients who enter the system are scrutinized for potential addiction and monitored through a process that includes regular questionnaires and routine follow-ups in order to maintain and/or renew their prescription to access medical cannabis.

There are already many hoops a potential patient must jump through before a cannabis doctor grants them a recommendation for medicinal marijuana. More than the average recreational consumer is willing to subject themselves to—tax or no tax.

Do you feel the tax on medicinal marijuana would prevent opportunists from entering the ACMPR system, or is it unfair to patients? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  Posted: Tuesday, January 30th, 3:19am a year ago
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