Cannabis has proven valuable in treating nagging symptoms that are common by products of serious chronic conditions. One way that inhaling or ingesting cannabis can help is by reducing inflammation throughout our bodies and in turn, relieving pain. That being said, every cultivar has their own special properties. In the last post we discussed types of cannabis that wouldn’t give us the munchies. The differences in these chemovars are what gives them have finitely varying effects, and this post is all about strains for pain relief. Oftentimes, a cultivar that is valuable for pain has large quantities of the cannabinoid we all know and love: CBD. That means that these types of cannabis are most likely going to also give us some munchies and possibly cause lethargy.


Cherry Pie [Granddaddy Purple x F1 Durban Poison]

This is a strain that appears sticky, almost purple, and smells distinctly like mint and rich chocolate cherries. Do remember as well that Cherry Kush is not the same as Cherry Pie, but they are both great Indica-dominant hybrids. Aside from pain relief, Cherry Pie delivers amazing release from stress and anxiety.  

Moby Dick [White Widow x Haze]

In my days I’ve only found Moby Dick at one dispensary, which is a crying shame. That’s because Moby Dick emits an aroma of pure lemons and hints of pine. To add more, it develops in huge, sticky, bright green buds. Also, the effects are just as memorable since the Sativa dominant hybrid actually tests quite high in CBD. That means that alongside the uplifting euphoria we get droves of delicious pain relief after using Moby Dick cannabis.  

DJ Short’s Blueberry [Afghani x Purple Thai x Thai Sativa]

There is a mixed consensus on Blueberry. Some growers identify their Blueberry cannabis flowers as a Sativa. But I’m most familiar with DJ Short’s Blueberry, an 80% Indica strain that melts pain right out of tense muscles and joints. Though the cannabis cultivar has been around since the 1970’s the specific one that we’re familiar with for pain is DJ Short’s Blueberry bred in the Bay Area of California.  

Harlequin [Swiss Sativa x Thai Sativa x Colombian Gold]

As one of the first high-CBD, low-THC strains I have ever seen Harlequin will always remain dear to my heart. The flowers appear dark green with brown-orange pistils so bountiful that when you grind them up there’s more hairs than herbs. Since it has low-THC, smoking Harlequin has very little psychoactive effect. The high-CBD strain, however, has amazing pain relieving benefits and tests with THC levels higher than most Sativa strains around today.  

9 Pound Hammer [Jack the Ripper x Hell’s Angel OG x Gooberry]

High testing THC Indica strain Hammer #9 can deliver serious sleepiness but not without first causing pain to dissipate only moments after smoking. The aroma is sweet like berries with just the slightest hint of pungent fresh dirt. Buds appear light green covered in oceans of trichomes. 9 Pound Hammer can be found predominantly in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon.  

These are all really great suggestions for cannabis that has helped relieve our pain. It is important to note though that we each have a unique endocannabinoid system. So, try a new cultivar out at home before wake and baking any of these pain relieving cannabis strains to find out exactly how it affects you.

  Posted: Sunday, July 30th, 10:20am a year ago
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