Strain Review – Mango


I generally don’t like to use pure or more Indica dominant strains as most of my arsenal consists of Sativas, but I do like to keep a few around in case I need some sleep, and I guess I need some to keep my reviews a bit more balanced as well.

If you are familiar with Indica strains, this one looks similar to most buds you have seen. Small-ish rounder buds, but the light green of the buds and burnt umber hairs are actually a bit hard to see from all the trichomes that are literally covering each bud. It actually glistens.

Mango has some heft in the cannabis cornucopia as it’s been around in one form or another since the 1960s. The most recent version comes from a cross created back in 1991 when dutch seed company KC Brains (He ditched the Sunshine Band and is now shaking his booty in Amsterdam. Just kidding of course, but I couldn’t resist.) crossed the strain KC 33 and an Afghani.

The combo sets off a terpene interaction that resembles, well, you guessed it, mango! It smells sweet and has a slight tropical thickness to it that just hangs there. If it was a dessert, it would be something that would appear on a Top Chef menu because it would be complex and elegant.

Speaking of complex and elegant, I’m going to use The Herbalizer to vape this strain first. The Herbalizer is a stationary vaporizer that was designed by former NASA engineers and uses a halogen heat source. It can be used with either a whip or a balloon. I’m going to use a balloon, as I really like the quality of the vapor I get from the bag/balloon-type of system. I open the lid to heat it up and I’m greeted by the words, “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads” and chuckle to myself as this line resonates more with me from the movie, Knocked-Up than the movie, Back to the Future. Yet another reason I love The Herbalizer, every time it powers up, it greets you with a phrase that’s always somehow appropriate.

But alas, this review is about our good friend Mango and not Herb(alizer). But then again, it kinda is about herb….(OK brain, focus!!) The vapor from Mango has that thickness and creaminess I was describing earlier, it’s easy on the intake and the flavor of sweetness is more pronounced on the exhale.

This strain performs equally well in the clean glass water bong. There’s definitely a thickness to the smoke and there’s a hint of tropical flavors on the tongue. Referencing dessert in this review seems appropriate as I would most definitely use this strain after dinner. With its mid-range THC content (16%), Mango is a great strain to use for relaxation and spark some interesting conversations.

Medicinally, I would recommend for stress relief, pain and possibly mild depression. On the whole, I would absolutely come back to this strain again. I guess there’s a reason mangos are a ‘stone’ fruit.

Four coughs out of five.

May 21, 2017

by Hart Steinfeld

Profile photo of Hart Steinfeld
Hart has been a cannabis aficionado for the better part of a quarter century. He remembers a time before herb grinders and all the buzz about THC levels and Terpenes. It was a simpler time when all anyone really wanted to know was, "is it good sh#t?" He spends his days running the education programs at a prominent legal cannabis clinic in western Canada.


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