Strain Review – Alien Dawg


It kinda sounds like the subscript to the next Scooby Doo movie — Scooby meets the Mars Space Ghost: Alien Dawg!

The genetics hail from Northern California and Afghanistan and Alien Dawg is a cross between Chemdawg, the powerhouse behind strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel and a strain called Alien Technology —  a landrace Indica that was smuggled out of Afghanistan by a US soldier, or so the story goes.

Cracking the seal on a new container of cannabis is one of my most favorite things in life. All of that odor that’s been pent up in the container is just bursting to come out, and when the seal is cracked, the smell fills the room.

After cracking the seal on this batch of Alien Dawg, there’s a distinct smell of rubber that kinda reminds me of walking to the back of the Canadian Tire store where all the steel-belted radials are waiting to roll to their new homes. I also get a bit of pine coming through, so I’m hopeful this strain is high in the terpene, Pinene.

The bud structure is pleasing to the eye. Nice gumball-sized flowers that are a bit wispy. I can see where the Chemdawg is in the genetics of this strain. Not a lot of hairs are visible, but the colors are emerald green with a mix of lighter, lime green running throughout.

As I have noted in earlier reviews, I like to test cannabis in two ways — I like to use a dry herb vaporizer and I also like to use a clean water bong made of glass and use a hemp wick to light the product.

The Alien Dawg grinds up nice and fluffy. I like when cannabis seems to increase in volume after it’s been ground, and that’s what I’m seeing. I load up my Herbalaire H3 and set it to about 400ºF — I tend to enjoy vaping a bit on the hotter side. The clear vision of the TV through the clear bag soon becomes cloudy and I can no longer get a clear sight of Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne.


The taste is more earthy than rubbery and there’s a bit of spice on my tongue as well. I get the same flavours from combusting the cannabis, but it’s a bit less pronounced. The smoke does have some nice expansion in my lungs, not unlike the way it fluffs out in the grinder.

For an Indica dominant strain, this one sure has a nice Sativa kick. I’m guessing that’s the Chemdawg coming through again. There is definitely a balance here, but I do notice a clear heady effect that seems to be more dominant for me. My body feels relaxed, mostly around my neck and shoulders, so this one may not be the best for lower body pain.

On the whole, this would be a medicine I would use during the day if I was looking to get some work done or even something physical in the outdoors.

….now, where did I put those Scooby Snax?

Four coughs out of five.

May 30, 2017

by Hart Steinfeld

Profile photo of Hart Steinfeld
Hart has been a cannabis aficionado for the better part of a quarter century. He remembers a time before herb grinders and all the buzz about THC levels and Terpenes. It was a simpler time when all anyone really wanted to know was, "is it good sh#t?" He spends his days running the education programs at a prominent legal cannabis clinic in western Canada.


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