When experienced Cannabis users begin purchasing their medicine from a producer, they’re quite often choked by the lack of strains of dominant Sativa or dominant Indica.  Most of these people think of Sativas as being higher in THC than Indicas and this used to be correct.  But nowadays, there are as many high THC Indicas as high THC Sativas and with outsourced genetics and proprietary strains, the highest dominance you’ll find among any of the current producers is about 60/40.  That isn’t dominance if you ask me.  Compared the days of old of 90% Sativa dominant Hazes, 60% is barely a pass.

Yet patients order daily according to this vague separation limiting their choices, limiting their cannabinoid ratios, and that ain’t good for anyone!  The more different team members in your game the better.  Mix away is what I say!

What I’m referring to is the hybridization of indica/sativa in so many strains.  There are some producers in fact that only offer hybrid strains, so it’s important to remember that the THC molecule isn’t different in a Sativa than it is in an Indica, which means that it’s the other players in the band making us feel those effects.  Limiting your purchases based on past experiences with dominant strains may lead to lack of access.  

One of the main reasons some patients avoid Sativas is the fear of paranoia or a jittery revved up feeling.  I believe that with the addition of CBD, many patients can safely use a Sativa and feel fine.  At first, I recommend mixing that new Sativa strain with one of your normal Indicas to ease your system into it.  The anxiolytic effects of CBD are incredible, so I personally think that every medicine cabinet should contain a CBD of some form.

THC and CBD were meant to work together in far-ranging ratios.  Successful management of most daily users involves some of each compound at varying ratios throughout the day or night.

In the end, I feel that this mixing may be very helpful for its medicinal effects.  That in no way means we should let fall to the wayside those truly dominant seeds.  If you have some, hide your love away. These are gems that will someday be gone the way of the Dodo bird.  Like Heirloom seeds, these babies are precious and irreplaceable.  Yet, I have faith in our adaptable Cannabians to keep breeding the sub-species back in. There is a reason the separation occurred based on geography.  Like the artifacts of old that crumble under the hubris of warfare, we must do what we can to preserve history in everything we do.

So label your seeds well and mix your strains today!  With so many identified cannabinoids, it follows that the more you ingest, the better the effect.  And they love to be ingested together!

  Posted: Tuesday, July 18th, 10:20am a year ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Dianna Donnelly

Dianna Donnelly is a Cannabis educator, blogger, and free-lance writer living in Kingston, Ontario. She counsels new patients on the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis and believes that with enough time, cannabis, and coconut oil she can heal the world.

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