Finding the right gifts doesn’t have to be hard, especially when the person we’re buying for smokes weed. With recreational cannabis right around the corner now is the time to gift cannabis and cannabis-related presents. These are some of our favorite holiday gifts for the 2017 season, from dab tools to nug storage.

1. Rosin Tech Go™

Sized for our desktop or a backpack, the Rosin Tech Go™ is the perfect personal sized rosin press. It is deceptively lightweight since it can put out up to 700 lbs of pressure. Add on the reliable temperature control, timer and digital readout and we’ve got the most extraordinary squish tech sized for personal use.

2. Cannador

This is the gift for someone who wants to have a discreet personal stash around the house. But the Cannador isn’t just any smell proof weed container, it actually key-locks and comes in two matte wood finishes. The container has two glass jars inside, each able to carry a ½ ounce in whole buds or ¾ ounce ground up. Consider getting the option with the drawer to hold a lighter, dab tools, hemp wick or whatever accoutrement you like by your stash. A classy looking way to store bud and keep it safe from nosy family members or roommates.

3. The New Nuggy

Yeah, yeah, we’ve featured the Nuggy before. But they’ve come out with a new improved Nuggy that has some new tools and a sleek new look. The aluminum oxide shell (available in pink and blue) isn’t just sleek, it is heat resistant and as such can be used as a carb cap. It also features more tools fit for dabbing.

4. The Queen’s Scepter from Kush Queens

The Kush Queens brand is built on luxury, femininity, and smoking quality herb. So it is only fitting that their line of dab tools, of which there are currently two, are called ‘Scepters’. The Queen’s Scepter is filled with water and glitter for a lovely shimmer effect, and comes in various colors. Grab one for the person in your life that likes the shiny, fabulous things.

5. Hydrology9 by Cloudious9

New vaporizer technology is always coming out, and the Hydrology9 completely changes the game for portable dry herb vaping. It is water filtered, can vape about a half a gram at a time and goes into five different temperature settings. Oh, and it also looks like a bong from space. The vape is outfitted with LED lights that give a ‘disco’ effect to the piece, learn how to put it into lava lamp mode to really start the party. For the stoner on the go make sure to also grab the leather carrying case.


These are the newest Roottie approved offerings that are perfect for checking any ganja lover off of their list this holiday season. What are you dreaming about on your list this year? Let us know in the comments!

  Posted: Monday, December 11th, 10:20am a year ago
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