The Tragically Hip Enter The Medical Marijuana Market


The Kingston rockers announced this week that they are officially entering Canada’s medical marijuana market and doing it in a big way. The band has partnered with a brand new startup called Newstrike, of which they admit that they hold a significant stake in the company. According to the band’s press release, “After much discussion and assessment on our part, we’ve decided that this company — and the many creative people in it — are a perfect fit for The Hip.”


The band’s entry into the cannabis space marks yet another venture for rock stars, actors and the unquestionably famous into what will inevitably become one of the largest industries on the planet. Newstrike’s CEO has already come out ensuring the public that the relationship between the band and the company is not one of mere marketing. Jay Wilgar told Canadian news outlets that the band is a full partner in every way, and not just going to appear in advertising.

The band is committed to the success of the company, not just as a means of making money, but as a way to truly get involved in helping heal people through medical marijuana. They have thus far spared no expense in gathering the best talent from multiple fields to make sure that Newstrike becomes a major player in Canada’s cannabis market. “They’ve hired pre-eminent scientists and growers, developed large well-structured sites and have the wherewithal and expertise to take this on,” commented the band on the progress at Newtrike. Newstrike hits the Toronto Stock Exchange in June and will trade under the ticker, HIP.

May 31, 2017

by Davie Dabbs aka Popeye

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Davie is a long time cannabis professional who has worked not only as a cultivator but in all aspects of retail cannabis. From budtender, to wholesale and retail management, and from harvester to advanced hydroponic specialist, Davie has been around the block more than once. Now residing in beautiful British Columbia, Davie now works with acres of greenhouses, producing some of the best buds in the country.


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