How do we know that pot has finally gone mainstream? We know because now even Netflix has their own variety of strains.  Netflix issued a press release this week and in doing so announced to the world that it would be developing its own line of 12 marijuana strains with names taken from ten of their most popular shows. Despite the spotty legal status of cannabis throughout North America, the move by family friendly Netflix marks a new era for marijuana acceptance by mainstream companies.

If you want a sample of Netflix's new bud, you need to be in Hollywood California this weekend at Alternative Health Herbal Services. In promotion for the new season of their marijuana-centric show Disjointed, the public will be able to make purchases of the new strains starting Friday through the end of the weekend. Netflix's strains are medicinal only, so only California med patients will be eligible to buy.

Netflix foray into the cannabis world, even if it is only a short time promotion, is a bold step that sends a clear message to other mainstream companies: the time for marijuana acceptance is now.

The names of some of the strains should sound familiar to fans of Netflix original series. Disjointed has three of its own strains including Eve's Bush, The Omega Strain, and Rutherford B Haze.  

Instead of naming all 12 strains, we figured it would be best to list them below. (credit


The Omega Strain Inspired by: Disjointed Strain: Sativa Hybrid An incredibly potent hybrid that brings the best of both worlds to your bong.

Eve’s Bush Inspired by: Disjointed Strain: Indica Hybrid The perfect strain for getting in touch with your inner goddess, or scissoring with your bestie.

Rutherford B. Haze Inspired by: Disjointed Strain: Sativa Hybrid A moving tribute in cannabis to our 19th president, this sativa can help you begin your own personal reconstruction.

Camp Firewood Inspired by: Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Strain: Indica A very chill indica that’s perfect for late nights around a campfire and taking it higher and higher.

Prickly Muffin Inspired by:Bo JackHorseman Strain: Indica Hybrid When you smoke this, it gets a little easier. But you gotta do it every day. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.

Banana Stand Kush Inspired by: Arrested Development Strain: Indica A fruity indica perfect in a bowl, vaporizer or big yellow joint.

Vodkush Inspired by: Chelsea Strain: Sativa Don’t think of yourself as a stoner. Think of yourself as an advanced botanist.

Peyotea 73 Inspired by: Grace and Frankie Strain: Sativa Hybrid Blow a little courage into your mouth with this uplifting sativa hybrid.

Sassafrass OG Inspired by: Lady Dynamite Strain: Indica An indica that won’t self-steam, but will give you the power of one thousand pug snorts.

Baka Bile Inspired by: Santa Clarita Diet Strain: Indica Hybrid A cool and easy indica hybrid that will really ramp up your appetite.

Poussey Riot Inspired by: Orange is the New Black Strain: Sativa Hybrid A sativa hybrid that’s great for, kicking it with somebody, talking, making stupid jokes, and not even wanting to go to sleep.

Moon 13 Inspired by: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return Strain: Sativa Hybrid A sativa hybrid from the not too distant future that will help keep your sanity, no robot friends required.


  Posted: Wednesday, August 30th, 8:10am a year ago
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