Sure, we all know about the importance of having a pipe or papers. And lighters are probably lying around every stoner’s living room. There are some newer or less mainstream pieces of stoner gear that we want everyone to know about. From the best grinder ever to a multi-tool that feels it was made for us; this list covers the best gear out there for someone who loves their ganja.


Mendo Mulcher

Everyone who smokes has their favorite herb grinder, that is just a given. But nobody who uses a Mendo Mulcher ever uses another grinder again. I promise. These are by far the most effective, well-made dry herb grinders on the market, and they have been for almost 20 years. Every Mendo Mulcher is made with stainless steel and the teeth are the perfect size to perfectly grind our buds. After going through an eighth of premium nugs I usually get around a gram of kief in my 3’’ Mendo. Check out more models on their website, we recommend getting the model that comes with a screen.  

AnnaBis Whoopee Bag

AnnaBis is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in creating adorable and smell-proof purses for the fashionable stoners. The Whoopee is a bag from their brand that is fitted with Aroma-Bloc technology. This basically means that all the danks can be carried right along with us without any of the smell. The Whoopee is a small version fitted with an outer shell that comes both in leather and vegan options. This model is small enough to fit into a bag or purse, but there are more sizes.Anna Bismakes a full line of bags with multiple combinations smell proof pouches. There’s truly one for every occasion.  


This is a multi-tool that was literally made with all of us in mind. The Nuggy is equipped with a LED flashlight, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, pick and scraper for those pesky bowls, tamper, scissors, mini-spoon, and knife. Literally, every little gadget or gizmo that we could need while smoking a bowl, taking a dab, or rolling a joint. To have 10 tools in just one little Nuggy that fits in the palm of our hand is a dream, and this makes it a must-have for any smoker.  

Sun Token

A lot of cannabis smokers aren’t aware that when we’re burning a bowl with a butane lighter we are inhaling quite a bit of the gas along with our bud. This isn’t only unhealthy, it actually makes the flowers taste a bit gross. The Sun Token utilizes one of my favorite lighter free ways to smoke a bowl: solar blazing. But truthfully, I cannot ever hold a magnifying glass still enough to actually light the bowl. Someone always ends up holding it for me. Well, The Sun Token solves this problem using a super rad dome that encases all of the vapors. Aside carb keeps the smoke in the chamber until we’re ready to hit it, easy peasy. This is a great update on an age-old classic, and an awesome piece of gear for the lover of tasty cannabis flowers.  


  Posted: Tuesday, May 30th, 8:20pm 2 years ago
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