Marijuana Taxes in Toronto Might Not Save The Day After All

One of the great benefits of cannabis legalization is the influx of new money, not only into the business community, but directly to the government in the form of taxes. When compared to the rest of the available consumables on the market, like alcohol or food, marijuana taxes could be viewed as disproportionately high. This is the one unique product that consumers don't mind paying an extremely high tax, as being taxed is better than being jailed. With legalization leaving issues like taxes up to the local governments, Toronto has a golden opportunity ahead, however, Mayor John Tory is skeptical that the city will embrace such an opportunity.

Places like Colorado have funneled marijuana revenues into socially responsible projects like housing for the homeless, education and more. The city of Toronto can do the same. Every year in marijuana-friendly states, the sales and revenue generated always far exceed the predictions leading to a windfall for local governments. Toronto has been suffering from its own budget shortfalls and could certainly at least, put itself back on track through the newly generated tax revenue. Tory petitioned Premiere Kathleen Wynne for assistance in making such a tax a reality, even though some have started to oppose the levy already. The arguments against the proposed tax are that it may disproportionately affect medical patients if not clearly separated from recreational customers and that the decision should be left to the people, not the government.

The fact that marijuana taxes solve community problems has long been established in the legal US states. Marijuana taxes, no matter how high, are typically embraced by the community because the money is known to be going to good local causes and new government programs. With just short of a year now to work out the details, despite the Mayor's skepticism in getting a tax in place, there is still a good chance the provincial government will examine the issue and come to a decision that everyone will approve of.

  Posted: Wednesday, August 16th, 9:20am a year ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Davie Dabbs aka Popeye

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