Marijuana Is Not The Only Revolution In Progress


It is easy to get wrapped up in your own culture and fail to realize that the rest of the world is changing as well. Cannabis culture is revolutionary and changing the face of medicine. But it is far from the only revolution going on under our noses. The world is breaking free from the constraints of outdated mentalities and seeking new ways to express itself, in more ways than one. The traditional big house, two kids, and a minivan in the garage simply does not appeal to a growing segment of the population who simply don’t relate to the ideals of generations past. Marijuana is a disruptive force, changing the way we approach health and economics, but it is not the only one.

Disruptive technologies and lifestyles manifest in unimaginable ways. Email resulted in a drastic shift from traditional mail, similar to how the internet is killing the retail industry. Marijuana is disrupting the pharmaceutical industry and there is little Big Pharma can do to stop it. While marijuana seems to have absorbed the entire spotlight, the are a number of revolutions occurring right before out very eyes. Here are just a few of the many movements thriving today aimed at changing the way we are used to living.



Minimalism looks to break society free from the overwhelming need for possessions and a complicated life.  Minimalists try to keep their worldly possessions to 100 items or less. Yes, that includes your toothbrush and your shoes. But do shoes count as one or two? Either way, if you haven’t used that tennis racket sitting in your closet in the past year you probably don’t need it. Go through the items you need every day and see if you can live without the rest. If so, maybe minimalism can help you tidy up your life.



The tiny house movement goes hand in hand with minimalism. You’re just not gonna fit your Marshall stack in your shipping container home. Tiny houses are all about reducing your carbon footprint, with many running off-grid on solar or wind power. The average tiny house will range from 150 to 250 square feet and is usually equipped with all the luxuries of home…in a tiny package. With many in the younger generations looking to avoid the trap of a mortgage and unnecessary spending, a tiny house offers solutions that are gaining in popularity every day.



It is truly surprising how many people are moving back into the country, living off the land and bringing up their children in as close to a natural environment as possible. Homesteading is all about being self-reliant and cutting strings from the traditional economic system. Many homesteaders build their own home, grow their own crops and raise their own livestock. Homesteading breaks the mold of traditional living and can provide those who dare to take up the endeavor an unmatched feeling of accomplishment.



There may never have been as disruptive a technology as Bitcoin. In a nutshell, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency that eliminates the need for third parties, like banks. Digital currency is transferred from one person to another and is verified as authentic by the ever-growing network. Many people believe that Bitcoin will change the entire face of financial transactions around the world, which would make its impact farther reaching than the internet itself. Bitcoin is a financial revolution that anyone can take part of. Financial analysts are predicting a million dollar Bitcoin within ten years, which could change the lives of many people around the world.

July 11, 2017

by Davie Dabbs aka Popeye

Profile photo of Davie Dabbs aka Popeye
Davie is a long time cannabis professional who has worked not only as a cultivator but in all aspects of retail cannabis. From budtender, to wholesale and retail management, and from harvester to advanced hydroponic specialist, Davie has been around the block more than once. Now residing in beautiful British Columbia, Davie now works with acres of greenhouses, producing some of the best buds in the country.


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