Lighten Up With Limonene


Of the hundreds of aromatic terpenes that ooze from the cannabis flower’s resin glands, limonene is one of the most happy-making. When it’s a dominant terpene, it gives marijuana a lemony scent and taste and helps modify the effects of cannabinoids like THC and CBD.


Limonene is also present in the peels of citrus fruits, and marijuana is just one of the many medicines that use it for things like weight loss and maintenance, cancer prevention and treatment, and as a natural bronchitis aid. Limonine relieves stress, and gastrointestinal issues, it’s both an antifungal and antibacterial, and it even helps with the absorption of other terpenes into the skin and porous membranes. But one of the most prominent jobs performed by this essential oil is making the user feel uplifted, happy, and light.


Try these High-Limonene Strains

Just like citrus trees tend to grow close to or on the equator, so too does the terpene limonene excrete from the sun-loving sativa strains of equatorial decent. There are a few indica strains with a high limonene potential, Berry White being one of them, but if you want to increase your chances of striking limonene gold, we suggest trying out any of the following strains.


Super Lemon Haze

It’s right there in the name—limonene gives Super Lemon Haze it’s sweet lemon flavour and scent, as well as its spirit-lifting properties.

Jack Herer

Named after the cannabis advocate and activist, the “Emperor of Hemp” himself, this strain offers more limonene than most other flowers, complemented with the refreshing pinene and relaxing myrcene.

Durban Poison

The limonene in this high-energy sativa doesn’t jump up and punch you in the nose as it does in some other strains, but it’s stress-busting effects are 100 percent apparent.

OG Strains

Tons of OG strains have a nice balance of limonene and another alpine tree-scented terpene called pinene. It’s a beautiful alliance of blissful, stress-crushing proportions.


It’s a great idea to ask a knowledgeable budtender about the strains on offer that contain limonene, but there are still two unfortunate factors that can impact limonene’s cheery effect. The first is that plants can tend to be stingy with this particular terpene, and not every plant of the same strain will express limonene to its fullest. The good news is that despite these things it’s possible now to purchase terpenes separately so that you can enhance a flowers happiness factor and add even more to a flower that lacks this cheerful molecule. It’s like adding little drops of sunshine to your joint or bong load. Ahhh!

August 24, 2017

by Alana Armstrong

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Alana seeks to see cannabis from the perspective of politicians, advocates, entrepreneurs, and consumers. She got her start with a byline in the arts and culture section and crossed over into cannabis after using it medicinally. Current projects include investigations into cannabis and wellness; entrepreneurs of the Green Rush; cannabis for athletes; and the evolution of cannabis laws and culture in Canada.


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