There is a rich culture surrounding the art of smoking cannabis. At the heart of this is the art of joint rolling. All around the world, there are different ways to roll a joint. Heck, there are even a whole slew of words we use to describe a joint: rollie, doobie, pre-roll etc. We’ve gathered some of the most impressive rolling styles from around the world here for you. From the ever-popular Cross joint to the almost impossible to execute Scorpion, learn what it takes to roll with the best of them.


Cross Joint

We all remember when James Franco’s character lit up the cross joint for Seth Rogen in the classic stoner flick Pineapple Express. This is probably when the cross joint really took off with the mainstream. The Cross joint is composed of two different doobies adhered together into the shape of a cross. All three ends are lit at once for intense smoke funneled directly through the barrel. We’ve attached a video below from Rogen himself teaching us how to roll a classic cross joint.


Dutch Tulip Joint

The Tulip Joint resembles a closed tulip flower, hence the name. A Tulip is structured with a teardrop shaped doobie rolled onto the end of pencil-sized tube. The tip of the Tulip joint is lit and the smoke is inhaled through the straw on the other end. To roll a Tulip Joint you will need multiple large papers and an extra long tip. The video below gives detailed instruction on how to roll this awesome joint.



Triple Braid Joint

Rolling a triple braid takes some finesse and some basic rolling skill. This deluxe pre-roll combines three joints into one premium tube. To roll this type of joint and impress all of your friends you’ll need at least three papers, three tips and glue strips cut from unused king sized papers. This joint can take as much cannabis as it can fit. But in the first few tries rolling a triple braid, it is easier to roll skinny joints. Learn more in the triple braid joint tutorial below.



Scorpion Joint

Save this one for last because rolling a Scorpion Joint is no easy feat. When you’re finished rolling it will look like an actual scorpion positioned with its tail ready to strike. The brave roller will need scissors, tips, tweezers, rolling papers, king-sized papers, honey oil, and obviously dried, ground cannabis flowers. Go ahead and watch the video below to learn exactly how it’s done.


  Posted: Saturday, December 30th, 10:20am a year ago
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