Most cannabis flowers have been diligently dried and cured to perfection before they go to sale. But sometimes we don’t smoke it up right away and the stash eventually dries out. In these cases we are dealing with nuggets that crumble to dust with the smallest squeeze of our fingers. Don’t get discouraged when this happens, instead turn to these handy dandy ways to re-hydrate your cannabis. From items found in the kitchen to repurposed humidor packs originally meant for cigar aficionados; we’ve got you covered.


Orange Peels

We’ve all had that one dealer who always said that they were carrying an Orange or Tangerine strain. And we all knew that he was just selling the same old weed just re-hydrated with orange peels. The flowers actually take on the moisture found in the peels and re-hydrate. This method does damage the cure of the buds, but at the point of this dryness many people don’t mind. For most people, the real dealbreaker with this method is that the flowers also take on the flavor and aroma of oranges which depletes their natural terpene profile.


Boveda Packs

Pretty much everyone in the cannabis world is familiar with Boveda packs by now. Originally designed as a mobile humidor for cigars, the cannabis world quickly adopted Boveda packets for storing large to small quantities of dried cured flower over long periods of time. The packs will add moisture as they deplete until the squishy contents of the packet become dry and crystallized. The company carries various sizes and humidity levels so that every grower can cultivate their own perfect humidity levels.  

Paper Towel

Lots of old school stoners swear by the wet paper towel. Simply dampen a piece of paper towel and throw it in a mason jar sealed tight. The cannabis flowers will slowly absorb the moisture in the paper towel until it dries out. Once the towel is dry remove it from the jar and notice the flowers are re-hydrated and ready to roll.  

Green Leaf Kale

This is the best for natural modes of re-hydrating dried out cannabis flowers. Take just the tiniest piece of fresh, organic green leaf kale into a bag or jar of cured cannabis buds. Let this veg sit in the jar until the flowers have soaked up their natural moisture and remove from the stash. They should take on very little to no vegetable flavor from this all natural method.  

Integra Boost

This is a pretty new humidity pack on the market from a company called Integra. Integra Boost packets come with a color changing card that lets us know exactly when the packet is out of moisture. They not only add moisture to the flowers, they keep mold from forming for the longest lasting cannabis flowers every single time. As the newer product on the market it seems that Integra can surely compete with the humidipak giants, Boveda.  

These are our five favorite ways to add moisture back into our stash, but surely there’s more options out there. Do you have a way to re-hydrate buds that we didn’t list here? Let me know in the comments.

  Posted: Tuesday, August 8th, 11:34am a year ago
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