Dabbing and vaping are great ways to avoid burning our buds. Although, when it comes to dabbing, we need to be conscious of how to hot fire up our banger. A study released in the fall suggested that the compounds in cannabis actually turn into cancerous compounds when applied with high heat levels. For this reason, we advise not to heat your nail above 750°F as that has shown to convert compounds in dangerous ways. But outside of this safety factor, what is the difference between that and dabbing at high temperatures?


Low Temp Dabs

Taking a dab at a lower temperature, by either using an e-nail or timing the cool off period, is a good way to enjoy the flavor of the terpenes. Most of the terpenes found in cannabis will be burnt off around 350°F. Similarly, sleep and pain relieving cannabinoids like CBD and CBN are vaporized between 350-370°F. That means that lower temperatures in the mid 300°F range will be flavorful with robust body effects.  

High Temp Dabs

At higher temperatures, dabbing can induce a more mental effect that can sometimes verge on psychedelic. THCA vaporizes around the upper 400°F range, meaning that the ‘high’ effects of cannabis and upwards of 99% of THCA levels get vaped at higher temperatures. High temp dabbing creates a quick, heavy effect that sort of slaps us right in the face.


Many dabbers prefer to drop their wax around the mid 500°F range because going too low will cause the concentrate to puddle in the bottom of the banger. Around 550-575°F seems to ride an even balance between getting all of the good terps and vaping every last bit of wax. That being said, those that don’t mind pooling might prefer taking a low temp dab because the flavor is unbeatable.

  Posted: Saturday, February 3rd, 6:35am 10 months ago
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