How To Make Your Own Cannabutter At Home

Regardless of what kind of edible treat you want to cook up at home, the process always begins with making your own THC rich cannabis butter. Whether its cookies, brownies or whatever it is your heart desires, the better the butter, the better the buzz. Say that five times fast. Making your own cannabis butter is fun and easy. It doesn't take a pro either. With just a few common kitchen items and your bud of choice, you can whip up a batch of potent cannabutter in no time.

The first thing you need to do is select the finest weed available. The butter you make will only be as strong as the weed you use. Grind up your stash, as fine as can be. To determine how much to use, you can try this formula. Even though most cannabis has a higher THC content than ten percent, we'll go with ten to dumb down the math a bit. A gram of cannabis at ten percent has 100mg of THC. Therefore, ten grams would contain 1000mg. Plug in the right THC content into the formula and you can get decent idea of how strong your butter will be.

In order to eat cannabis and get high, it needs to go through a process of decarboxylation. 'Decarbing' your weed means raising the temperature of the THCA molecules until they shed the A, leaving just THC. When you smoke a joint, the cannabis is decarboxylated by the flame. When cooking with cannabis, it is your oven, or in this case your pan that does the job. In order to transform from THCA into the psychoactive THC, temperatures need to be raised above 240 degrees F. With cannabutter, that means a low simmer for around two to three hours.

You'll want to use a ratio of around one ounce per pound of butter. You'll also need one cup of water. You're never going to want your stove top to go above the low setting, as butter can burn quite easily. Melt your butter in your pan, slowly adding water to regulate the temperature. Once the butter starts to melt, add your cannabis, making a point to mix it in evenly. Allow your mixture to simmer, checking it frequently to make sure it never reaches a boil. If the THC reaches its boiling point it will evaporate, leaving you with a burnt mess.

Once your cannabutter is ready, you're going to need something to store it in. A glass bowl with a lid should be your weapon of choice. You are going to need to filter out any unwanted plant material from your butter. That's where cheesecloth comes in. Pour your cannabutter through the cheesecloth, and be careful not to spill any. Once you're done, you're going to squeeze the cheesecloth containing your leftover cannabis, ringing out all the remaining butter into your glass bowl. Toss your leftover plant material, cover your bowl and place it in the fridge over night.

The next day, you will find that the water used in your recipe has separated from the rest of the butter. Pour out the water and leave your butter out for a bit, just to soften it up. Now you're free to go crazy in the kitchen. Cannabutter can be used with sweets, pastas and just about anything you can think of. Eating cannabis can pack a punch, so always be smart, stay safe and never bite off more than you can chew…literally.

  Posted: Monday, May 8th, 4:19am 2 years ago
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Cory Hughes is a former police officer turned cannabis cultivator and writer. After years of being on the wrong side of the law, Cory decided to hang up his badge and gun and move into an industry that truly has the potential of bringing people together. He has been an active part of the Colorado cannabis culture and has worked as a horticulturist in dozens of licensed grow operations. Cory now looks to share his knowledge of cultivation and horticulture with the world.

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