High Times has been a media giant in the cannabis subculture since it was founded in 1974. They have consistently provided accurate and current information surrounding the vibrant cannabis community and in more recent years, the industry as well. They have also hosted thousands of cannabis cups and other events globally, securing their presence as a trustworthy and reputable voice of the cannabis sector. 

Now, 44 years later, they are proving to be innovative and able to roll with the changing times. They recently announced the company’s first ever stock offering. On August 2, 2018 they also announced that the High Times IPO will be the first in the sector to accept Bitcoin- and Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies—something no other established and rooted cannabis company has done.

Under Regulation A+ and their current equity-crowdfunding process, they have already begun to accept crypto from those interested in purchasing shares in the company. They believe that this will enable them to reach a "broader group of investors worldwide." As it stands today, there are thousands of different variants of Bitcoin available and in circulation. 

According to their official announcement and the company’s CEO, Adam Levin, they "didn’t believe that the ICO process was the right move for our brand; it would’ve been foolish to leave this emerging investor base out as we continue to transform into a diversified media, events and merchandise giant.”

This initial stock offering allows everyone an opportunity to buy shares in High Times before they are potentially listed on Nasdaq, under the ticker HITM. Shares are currently available for only $11 each with a required $99 minimum investment. This is a hempsational opportunity, given that the media giant brought in over $14 million in 2016! They are also set for massive future growth with plans of increasing the number of events they host as well as their digital publishing footprint in the coming years. If you have ever dreamed of owning a piece of High Times, now is your chance!  Learn more at!

  Posted: Wednesday, August 29th, 10:09pm 4 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: James Priest

James has a passion for wordsmithing content specific to the cannabis community, culture, and industry. This father of seven spends all his time writing about the plant he loves. James believes that cannabis should be an essential part of everyone's life but, this doesn't mean that everyone has to get stoned to do this. Only through education and sharing the stories of the community can we help to tear down the negative walls of stigmas and stereotypes that cannabis has received or the last 80 years. James likes to say, "A single seed can tip the scales, be the seed."

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