Canada set records after becoming the first nation to legalize medical cannabis in 2001. And soon Canada will join the list of countries to federally legalize recreational adult-use. However, when the federal government first introduced the Cannabis Act which would legalize recreational cannabis, edibles remained banned. Since then, Bill C-45 has been amended and approved by Parliament to include cannabis edibles in the recreational market by summer 2019.

It seems as though this law change is for the best since a new forum poll taken from Canadians across the country showed that edibles approval is up 6 points since the last poll which was taken in December 2015. What may or may not be surprising is that these results come from the young, educated generation.



Those that responded for the approval of cannabis-infused edibles were 34 years or younger, earning $80,000-$100,000 a year, and had some level of college education ranging as high as a postgraduate degree. Although, only a quarter of those polled had consumed any form of cannabis in the last year. Not surprisingly, of those who do consume cannabis, 9 out of 10 believe that cannabis edibles should be sold in the recreational market.

The questions in the poll didn’t just touch on the sale of infused-edible products. Citizens were also polled regarding public use and the concept of cannabis-use at festivals and public events. A third of respondents believe that cannabis should be consumed in private only. On top of that, only 5% thought that cannabis edibles should be permitted to be sold and consumed at festivals and public events.

So, that wraps up the views in Canada now regarding cannabis edibles and public use. The verdict? Cannabis edibles are gaining approval daily but public-use won’t be considered "acceptable" for some more years.

  Posted: Friday, January 26th, 12:01am a year ago
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