Global Cannabis To Grow 1000% In Next 10 years


If you’re not already involved in the cannabis industry, you may want to consider it soon.

According to an analysis by Europe-based investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co, the legal international cannabis market is expected to grow by more than 1000 percent over the next ten years and would represent an industry valued at $150 billion by 2028.

To bring the figures from this report to fruition, legal cannabis would have to take a sizeable bite out of the black market that is currently sharing the cannabis space. It would require the legalization of marijuana in other countries, the creation and stabilization of global legal cannabis markets, a continuous supply of cannabis, more flexibility in international drug treaties, and increased support for scientific research into the value of marijuana as medicine. It also would help if weed-infused beverages like beer and wine took off because those were included in the evaluation as well.

It was only one year ago that research experts at Grand View Research, Inc. valued the 2025 global market at $55.8 billion, followed by an assessment in late 2017 from the Brightfield Group which had it at $31 billion by 2021.

And there are even more projections coming from firms who are looking at various markets performing over different time frames, but one thing stays the same: no one is predicting that the cannabis market will fall or fail.

It’s all uphill for marijuana, and according to Bryan Garnier, Aphria, Aurora, Canopy Growth and MedReleaf are the best ponies to bet on right now.

February 23, 2018

by Parker Wallace

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Parker is a cannabis enthusiast to the core who shares a keen interest in listening to what others have to say and understanding what’s important to them. Those who know Parker know that his passion for health and wellness runs deep, and his love of Canada even deeper!


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