Former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams has officially joined the cannabis industry. His new brand Real Wellness by Ricky Williams has been launched as of March 20th. The new line features six different products of salves, tonics, and cartridges.

Real Wellness is currently working together with Out Co, a Southern California medical cannabis dispensary and consulting firm to ensure the highest quality of product. Products will be reasonably priced with items ranging from $35-$70.

The new line is marketed primarily towards women. “Surprisingly enough, our research found that the main demographic coming into the [cannabis] market are women ages 35 to 60,” Williams told the Sun Sentinel.

The products also have a heavy emphasis on alternative healing. “The whole purpose of this for me is to help facilitate my public persona, transitioning from being a former football player to being a healer,” Williams said. “It’s been difficult for people to appreciate who I am as a healer because of the success I had as a football player.”

Williams has been associated with cannabis for a long time. His retirement from football in 2004 was due to his use of the plant and violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He has been a huge advocate for the use of medical cannabis and has studied the plant for over ten years.

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  Posted: Sunday, April 8th, 1:20am 8 months ago
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