Fentanyl Laced Weed Turns Out To Be Fake News


Year after year, stories about laced drugs make the headlines, and year after year these stories turn out to be false. This year the multiple stories that made headlines across North America about Fentanyl laced marijuana were all false. The story made the rounds all the way to High Times, who attempted to kill the work of fiction once and for all to no avail. It ended up taking the online debunkers, Snopes to throw in their two cents before people began to realize the story was sheer anti-marijuana propaganda.




One of the first signs the story was fake should have been the fact that no law enforcement had made any reports on the subject. It didn’t take long for Snopes to work their magic on the story. It seems as though the news came out of a misreading of a story from a small town in Ohio. The local fire department commented to the local news media about marijuana they believed may have been laced with an unknown opiate. From there, the news gained a life of its own. The story would have died off on its own if it was not for the actions of one politician who grasped at the chance to spin it into an anti-marijuana campaign.




Senator Rob Portman ran with the idea that Fentanyl laced pot was reality and began to make passing comments to the news media on the subject. Portman noted, “If you buy any kind of street drug, you can count on a synthetic opiate mixed in” and others around the nation began to spread the fake news. Sometimes, those in power will grasp at misinformation and allow the game of human telephone to spread falsehoods for them. Rob Portman has been staunchly against legalization of any form of marijuana for reasons firmly debunked by science. The story of Fentanyl-laced marijuana is just another example of the lengths prohibitionists will go to in order to attempt to stop or slow down cannabis legalization.

October 6, 2017

by Cory Hughes

Profile photo of Cory Hughes
Cory Hughes is a former police officer turned cannabis cultivator and writer. After years of being on the wrong side of the law, Cory decided to hang up his badge and gun and move into an industry that truly has the potential of bringing people together. He has been an active part of the Colorado cannabis culture and has worked as a horticulturist in dozens of licensed grow operations. Cory now looks to share his knowledge of cultivation and horticulture with the world.


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