Cannabis weddings have become a thing. Seriously, guys, there is even a super popular Cannabis Wedding Expo making the rounds in the United States. Their first stop was Denver, Colorado and the second will be in San Francisco, California in April. These events were designed to connect cannabis enthused couples with wedding vendors that are open minded. These traditional wedding vendors are infused with cannabis brands and budtender services for an all-inclusive look at what a cannabis wedding could really be. With events like these in mind, we thought we’d put together a quick etiquette list for those who might be interested in throwing a cannabis wedding on their special day.


Keep It Classy

So while I love mary jane as much as the next girl, let’s remember that this is our wedding day. We don’t want to look back at our photos in 40 years and cringe while looking at ourselves adorned in a red, yellow, and green wedding dress wearing a crown of nugs. There is a balance to any cannabis wedding, so just remember to keep it classy. A few cannabis fan leaves in a bouquet could be a lovely aesthetic with a little nod to the plant, and will be considered much more PC by grandma.

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Hire a Professional

Hosting a wedding is stressful, cannabis or not. There are generally quite a few guests and most times at least one or two overdo it with the alcohol. Surely the same will be true with cannabis. To avoid this altogether, think about investing in a professional budtender like those at Top Shelf Budtending. Top Shelf Budtending is based out of Colorado in the states. The brand is run by Andrew Mieure, a man who takes personal pride in ensuring his bars are stocked with the best cannabis brands. He trains his staff to know exactly how to instruct guests on dabbing, smoking flowers, and eating edibles. Having a professional on hand can take that last bit of stress out of our wedding day. He even makes cannabis-infused mocktails! 

Party Bus

While having a professional is all well and good, many venues don’t allow us to smoke cannabis on site. In these situations we can get a party bus to park outside or even take shifts driving around while passengers enjoy a blunt, bong rip, or even some edibles. Once cannabis becomes legal, many ‘420-friendly’ party buses will begin to pop up all around. Currently, many of the cannabis friendly limo services are operating in the United States.  

Give a Little Bit

Sure, it’s all well and good to provide cannabis to our guests at our wedding reception. But the gift of bud is never unappreciated. The bride and groom should consider giving their bridal party an extra ‘special’ gift as a thank you for all their support. One of my favorite products are KushKards, stationery with a built in joint holder. The topics of their well designed cards varies, and they’re all made with impressive card stock. So roll one up and pass it over to your maid of honor, nothing says BFF’s like sharing a joint together.  

These are our favorite ways to make a wedding ‘weed-friendly’. Have you thrown a cannabis wedding? Or maybe attended one? Let me know in the comments!

  Posted: Wednesday, June 21st, 10:10am a year ago
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