Cannabis and ‘the munchies’ have gone hand in hand for decades. The association of smoking pot and eating tons of snacks is prevalent in pop culture and let’s be honest, the stigma is real. Some strains have us reaching for any bread, chips, or candies that may exist, but there are others that can actually curb our appetite. Research shows that this effect is due to the presence of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCv) in specific cannabis cultivars. THCv can stave off those hunger pains, it also pairs well with THC to heighten our feelings of euphoria and relieve anxiety. So, let's take a closer look into the role that cannabis can play with weight management.


THCv - The Weight Loss Cannabinoid

To use cannabis for weight management purposes, we need to have access to a legal market with transparent testing regulations. This is because the wrong cultivar could make us get the munchies, the exact opposite of the effect we’re looking for. There are some strains with THCv that are well known such as, Strawberry Cough and Doug’s Varin. Going forward and with a transparent market, we will continue to see more cannabinoid data provided with increased lab tested products on the market.  

Cannabis & Exercise

There are also some cultivars known to help us focus, which can really help while we’re in the gym or doing other types of exercises. The serene but targeted focus of the right strain can help us maintain connection with whatever mode of exercise we choose. For us, choosing a cannabis strain for a workout varies from day to day. If body pain or stress is a factor, a good heavy Indica can help us get onto the yoga mat. Similarly, when feeling less motivated, a Sativa is the right flower to help get us moving.

The Connection

Researchers at the University of Calgary examined obese mice to further understand the connection between THC and weight loss. What they found is that regular doses of THC caused obese mice to lose weight. Hypotheses correlated that this was due to THC causing change in the gut microbiome that regulates digestion and weight loss, but the research wasn’t definitive. 

With this information, it becomes more clear that we need to cultivate a transparent industry with labeled cannabinoids and terpenes to truly find the perfect product. To better promote weight loss with our cannabis, we will need to continue with further research which can help support the connection between cannabis and body weight regulation. In the meantime, we suggest finding strains that have higher amounts of THCv and are conducive to help you push through your exercise routine.

  Posted: Sunday, December 24th, 10:20am a year ago
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