Welcome More Champion CBD Strains


Medreleaf has proven that they are industry leaders with regards to top quality CBD strains. Canadian Cannabis Awards finalist Midnight is their delicious, often resin dripping, one to one Tikun Olam strain. While their high CBD, low THC Avidekal took the cake last year, not only as Canada’s top CBD flower, but best in class high CBD oil as well. Along with Nollia, their version of Buddha’s Sister, MedReleaf already boasts a solid lineup of CBD rich strains, however, when your tagline is ‘The Medical Grade Standard’, fortifying that list of offerings is a must and that is precisely what MedReleaf has done.

Welcome three more champions to the award-winning family of medical grade CBD strains: Trutiva, Equiposa & Orellium.




The majority of the strains that are currently available in the market that are rich in CBD often lack character and depth. My first impression of Trutiva was that this is not a CBD only strain for that reason alone. Upon lifting the lid on this one I was presented with an extremely pleasant, and refreshing terpene profile inspiring visions of a sweet lemon growing amidst a pine forest. The overall appearance of the flower is also quite appealing. The trichomes are so tightly packed in some places that they have started to come together in big, beautiful amber globs. The dense, yet slightly springy, structure of these buds are, in my opinion, one of the most impressive parts of this strain. The flowers are slightly sticky to the squeeze and fluff up beautifully when ground. All signs point to a clean grow and a quality cure on this product.





Equiposa’s appearance, I must admit, did not hook me right out of the gates. While the colour variance in the greens and the rusty pistils were appealing, the loose, airy bud structure coupled with the lighter density of trichomes had me lifting an eyebrow. The scents on the other hand, had me intrigued, and my love for a good “one to one” strain had me deeply interested. Upon cracking into the Equiposa I was met with a sweet but subtle earthy forest smell that touched the front of my nose. Vaping this strain right around 190ºC allowed the sweetness to really break through and accentuate the forest flavours. The effects that I managed to experience with Equiposa really made up for what lacked in first impressions.




I am picking Orellium as my all-around favourite of the three recent additions. Two parts CBD to one part THC is both a very useful cannabinoid profile as well as one that can be quite enjoyable. I personally find the effects of a good two to one strain to be a very comfortable experience. I am a huge fan of the visual beauty of this strain and if it wasn’t for the lack of blue and purple in the colour variance, my nose would have me convinced that this strain is in some way related to one of my all-time favourite strains – MedReleaf’s skunky orange heavy hitting strain, Rex.




To top off all the excitement around the new CBD strain additions, MedReleaf made my wish come true and added a well thought out graphic feature that gives their patients a look into the top terpene profiles of each of these new strains. Thanks to this welcome inclusion, a patient can now dig deeper and fine tune their medicine to include terpene relations and identify the amounts and combinations that work best for them.

All things considered, I would say that the future of MedReleaf’s CBD rich lineup is looking very bright for their patients. With the upcoming legalization, one might expect to see an L.P. piling on the THC as opposed to the CBD. As a medicinal patient, I truly appreciate seeing a Licensed Producer making the move to put out a message as clear as this.

Looks to me like they intend on staying The Medical Grade Standard.

March 5, 2018

by Basil Kelly

Profile photo of Basil Kelly
Basil is a Cannabis professional who has been in the industry educating and being educated by patients a long time before corporate cannabis was even a thing. He has a love for flower, unique terpene profiles and of course his family. Basil is on a never ending life quest to sniff out the very best buds in the world.


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