There are tons of celebrities who smoke cannabis. Although not all of them are open about their cannabis use, there are some who are proud stoners and advocates. Among this handful of the elite, are my top 3 celebrities that I would LOVE to have a sesh with.


#3 Seth Rogen  

Seth Rogen hasn’t been quiet about his love of the sweet ganja. Because of this, and because he seems to be pretty damn hilarious, we think he’d be amazing to get lifted with. He also seems to bring the above par rolling skills, which is a huge plus in a canna-buddy.


#2 Rihanna  

We all know it, Rihanna loves her ganja. She’s not hiding it, and we’re all loving it. This shameless love of mary jane makes me feel kindred to the pop star, and that’s why she’s number two on my bucket list.


#1 Snoop Dogg  

Anyone with some respect for stoner culture has a love for Snoop, it’s that simple. To roll one up and smoke one up with the likes of this Dogg? That would be the stuff of legends. From his days on Death Row Records to his current show with Martha Stewart, Snoop has always been one-of-a-kind. To say it would be an honor to smoke with the Snoop D.O. Double G is an understatement.


What celebrities do you want to rip the bong with? Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong come to mind right away as honorable mentions. Did we miss your number one celeb? Tell us in the comments

  Posted: Tuesday, May 23rd, 6:20am 2 years ago
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