CBD Infused Water Flowing Into The Market


A new innovation has come to the cannabis world: CBD infused water. This product has been impressing cannabis connoisseurs and athletes alike. What’s in it you may ask. just clean filtered water, and CBD. Nothing more. A simple combo with great implications for discreet medication. Plus it’s made with nanotechnology, how cool is that?

CBD water is being produced by a number of companies such as CBD Fusion, CBD Living Water, Canna Nano Water, and Kind Water which includes terpenes as well as CBD to provide further therapeutic benefits. These brands have all tapped into a need that patients didn’t even know they had: flavorless, discreet, pain relieving and anxiety reducing water.










Athletes especially can benefit from this product by hydrating and medicating at the same time. CBD reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and provides relief from anxiety as well. This could be key in helping athletes train better and healthier. The added bonus is, of course, the benefits of drinking plenty of water while they train.

So how do they do it? Most CBD isolates are oil-based since cannabis is hydrophobic (doesn’t bond with water), but when it comes to making CBD water the method is a little different. These companies are actually using nanotechnology to reduce CBD molecules to a millionth their size then bond them with the water molecule clusters.

This leaves a seamless, no-shaking-needed, distribution of water and medication perfect for taking on a run, putting in your own reusable water bottle to take for discreet medicating, or even to use as a basis for homemade ice tea or lemonade! Really the options abound with CBD water since it’s flavorless, colorless, and odorless.

If you want to try CBD water for yourself it is readily available online from the above-mentioned companies, and may soon be in a dispensary near you!

October 2, 2017

by Shasta Nelson

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Shasta Nelson is a California Native and a cannabis connoisseur. She's been involved in the industry at every level since she was a teenager. Currently she provides content for Roottie, DOPE Magazine, and Terpenes and Testing. She's also a creative writer, with a graphic novel underway.


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