CannTrust Approved To Export Medical Cannabis Internationally


CannTrust™ is now approved by Health Canada to ship their products to countries where medical cannabis is legal. The company is a licensed producer of medical cannabis under the Health Canada Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation program. This week CannTrust™ announced that they will now be exporting their product to the newly legal country of Australia. They will also be providing cannabis for other countries legally prescribing medical cannabis.




“We are very proud and excited to begin the international shipping of our pharmaceutically standardized medical marijuana products. Australia is the first of many markets that we are expecting to supply. Other countries that we anticipate shipping to shortly are Germany, Denmark and Brazil”, said Brad Rogers, President of CannTrust Inc.





Germany will be running a forward thinking medical cannabis program that makes them a lucrative trade partner in this industry. They will be stocking medical cannabis in pharmacies, leaving insurers to cover the costs in the same manner that they would any pharmaceutical drugs. This not only means, it means safe access for patients in need.

CannTrust™ is a licensed producer of pharmaceutical grade cannabis . They recently completed Phase 1 in building their 430,000 square foot facility. The completion of this Niagara cannabis cultivation will be time perfectly to fill their orders for export. The remaining build outs should be complete before adult-use laws go into effect in Canada. Their full expansion should max out at 1,000,000 square feet of production capacity.

Company CEO Eric Paul, a veteran Pharmacist, said “Our plan was always to be a Pharmaceutical Company producing quality medical cannabis in a variety of unique dosage forms that will provide the best treatment options for patients. Our shipments to Australia is just the beginning of what we believe will be a world market opportunity.”

November 14, 2017

by Cara Wietstock

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Cara began working in the retail cannabis industry of San Francisco, CA in 2011 and continued in that sector for years. In 2015 she put down her budtender hat and dedicated herself to writing full-time. Her passion for the written word and deep respect for the healing properties of the cannabis plant fuel the passion in her posts.


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