Is Marijuana A Weight Management Secret?


Studies have found a link between weed and weight loss, and it’s blowing our minds.

Marijuana has long been affiliated with stimulating the appetite. The “munchies” phenomenon refers to an intense hunger that is satiated only by pizza rolls, potato chips, cookies, and any variation of processed, unhealthy food. It’s such a prevalent part of cannabis culture that you’d expect every stoner to be fat. But the relationship between marijuana and bodyweight is complicated and multi-layered.

Several recent cannabis and weight studies have indicated a negative association between marijuana use and BMI (Body Mass Index) This doesn’t necessarily prove causation, that marijuana keeps a person trim. It is plausible that those who consume cannabis may tend to exercise more or eat healthier.




More research is necessary, however, it may be time for people who are overweight or diabetic to rethink avoiding cannabis because of concerns they will crave more food and succumb to the munchies.

As researchers learn more about the phytocannabinoids, we’re discovering more than just how high marijuana can get you. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an appetite stimulant, but cannabidiol (CBD) is an appetite suppressant in animal studies. And the lesser-known tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is said to curb hunger.

Some marijuana growers are using this information to cultivate and market strains specifically for weight loss. Look for XJ-13, Durban Poison, Blue Dream, and Doug’s Varin if you want to test these “skinny pot” strains.

Are you using marijuana to help lose weight? Tell us your story and the strain(s) you’ve had success using in the comments below.


January 30, 2018

by Parker Wallace

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Parker is a cannabis enthusiast to the core who shares a keen interest in listening to what others have to say and understanding what’s important to them. Those who know Parker know that his passion for health and wellness runs deep, and his love of Canada even deeper!


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