Post-Surgery Recovery Using Cannabis


Let’s be real, there are many things doctors are willing to talk about. Super personal stuff like how we’re pooping or how often our period has been coming around are regular fodder within those four stark white walls. Despite this open dialogue regarding our most personal parts of our lives it is still rare to find a traditional doctor willing to talk about cannabis as medicine.

That being said, we can still find doctors that will prescribe opioids willingly despite the epic addiction rates related to the prescription drug. For those of us that might be going under the knife soon, we’re likely to get one of these prescriptions during recovery. Instead of going in for the opioids for post-surgery recovery, we wanted to see if cannabis might be a viable alternative.

A study in the UK set out to find out if cannabis extract could replace opioids for post-surgery care. Researchers gave 65 patients various doses of the drug and found that as the dose increased, patient pain decreased. They also saw very few to no negative side effects. Those few patients that did report side effects found that their nausea increased or they showed a slight increase in heart rate.

Overall, the study concluded that cannabis was beneficial after surgery. In fact, the most important thing about cannabis-use after surgery is how we choose to enjoy it. Smoking isn’t the best idea for anyone in recovery, so think about edibles, tinctures, capsules, and even light vaping during the recovery process after surgery.

It is important to note, fellow stoners, that there are complications when it comes to cannabis use and anesthesia. Similarly, cannabis users may have a lung buildup that a surgery team would want to know about prior to cracking us open. So no matter how uncomfortable it may be, we must tell our doctors about our cannabis use before surgery.

If it feels impossible, perhaps it is time for a new doctor. As for getting high after surgery, go forth and medicate my stoner friend. But try to refrain from harshing the lungs with smoking or dabbing at least until the sutures are healed.

April 18, 2018

by Cara Wietstock

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Cara Wietstock is a native Californian living in Washington state with almost a decade of budtender experience and even more stoner experience. While she's not pontificating on the current state of cannabis for Roottie, she is practicing yoga, sipping CBD infused teas and hiking through the Pacific Northwest.


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