When you’ve worked as a budtender for enough time, you begin to hear the same weird stories over and over again. From the people who just can’t help but say ‘Jack Hererer’ instead of ‘Jack Herer’ to those who swear that their coughing tastes like strawberries after smoking Strawberry Cough; everyone seems to have a story when they’re talking to their budtender.  Among these common 'cannabis myths' are a few that are so wrong we felt it was time to set the record straight.


Stems Weigh A Lot

Almost everyone loves big, delicious nugs. Back in college when I first moved to San Francisco I got a bud that weighed 3.7 grams. In my opinion, big nuggets bring forth an occasion to be celebrated. But some haters out there are under the impression that with big nugs come big stems, and in a world where we’re paying by weight, this is a huge turnoff. Well, my voluptuous bud loving friends, never fear. Stems don’t actually weigh that much. Even the hugest stem taken from the largest bud barely registers as 0.01 grams on a calibrated scale. So next time you’re choosing between popcorn nuggets and those big buds, don’t let the size of the stem sway your decision. And, don’t forget that you can steep the stems in tea before bed for a delicious medicated beverage.


Extractions are Dangerous

Dabs have picked up a lot of steam in the cannabis world, but some people still downright fear the cannabis extractions that fuel dabbing culture. Others blatantly speak out against the use of chemical extractions because they are ‘dangerous’ or not ‘healthy’. The reality is that extractions that aren’t healthy won’t impact a consumer that is knowledgeable about where their product came from and whether or not it has been tested by an accredited testing lab. Essentially, extractions are only dangerous when the consumer isn’t being a discerning shopper. A compliant, transparent extraction company will not brand and sell an oil or shatter that isn’t healthy for their patients or customers. If necessary, ask the budtender questions about the extraction and company before purchasing.


Stoners are Lazy

A lot of advertisements meant to keep kids off of drugs depict cannabis users as lazy couch potatoes wasting their days with video games or television. This isn’t the case, guys. There are not only professional athletes who advocate for cannabis use, there are athletes using CBD to help them train and recover after a hard workout. Furthermore, Canada and California both offer cannabis friendly yoga classes to teach people how to use the plant to further their yogic study. Heck, there's even an event called the 420 Games. The unique athletic event is taking on this exact stoner stigma across North America. All of these points converge in the fact that those of us who love cannabis aren’t all sitting on the couch. Some of us are using cannabis to pursue an active lifestyle, so stoners being lazy is definitely just a myth.


These are some common myths that we wanted to debunk. Afterall, knowledge is power. What misinformation about cannabis are you tired of hearing repeated? Let us know in the comments.

  Posted: Tuesday, July 4th, 2:21pm a year ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Cara Wietstock

Cara Wietstock is a native Californian living in Washington state with almost a decade of budtender experience and even more stoner experience. While she's not pontificating on the current state of cannabis for Roottie, she is practicing yoga, sipping CBD infused teas and hiking through the Pacific Northwest.

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