Cannabis Infused Booze-Free Beer


In 1995, Keith Villa invented Blue Moon, the now-ubiquitous witbier that’s been a success for MillerCoors for a decade. 

Villa left MillerCoors after more than 30 years, leading to speculation about his next move—spending time with my family, traveling and exploring new creative ventures—but no guesses were as exciting as the truth: to launch a line of THC-infused, booze-free beer.

Yes, Villa and his wife slash business partner, Jodi, will launch Ceria Beverages, a line of non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beer headquartered in Arvada, Colorado. Some of their beers have been rumored to also contain CBD.

“We can dial in exactly the sensations that people want,” Villa tells beer industry website, Brewbound. “If people want a CBD sensation where they feel sort of tired and chilled and relaxed, we’ll be able to give them that. If they want a really great THC experience—it’s the end of the week and they want to relax responsibly with their friends and party—we can deliver that too.”

The announcement comes amid sometimes tense relations between the brewing and legal cannabis industries. For years, the beer industry has debated whether legal medical and especially recreational marijuana will have a negative impact on beer sales. Villa himself once opposed legalized marijuana.

Ceria beers will launch at dispensaries in Colorado, with plans to expand to other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized. 

Last year, Lagunitas also launched a SuperCritical Ale containing essential cannabis oils. And although it was only available in California, the website says they’re “all tapped out.”

April 14, 2018

by Alana Armstrong

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Alana seeks to see cannabis from the perspective of politicians, advocates, entrepreneurs, and consumers. She got her start with a byline in the arts and culture section and crossed over into cannabis after using it medicinally. Current projects include investigations into cannabis and wellness; entrepreneurs of the Green Rush; cannabis for athletes; and the evolution of cannabis laws and culture in Canada.


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