How to use cannabis distillates, the newest awesome cannabis extraction on dispensary shelves.

Cannabis extractions can come in the form of shatter, oil, and butter. Essentially, an extraction is any concentrate extracted using a solvent like butane, alcohol, CO2 etc. The scientific understanding of extractions is expanding rapidly as more and more chemists and lab scientists enter the industry. This is huge for technological advancement since this cannabis extraction was first being discovered less than a decade ago. Now we are seeing new types of extractions utilizing groundbreaking methodologies. In this advancement, distillates are beginning to make a name for themselves in cannabis culture.

The process of distillation promises clear, clean extractions of an isolated cannabinoid. Short path distillation is the method often used to extract specific cannabinoids and leave behind unwanted lipids and plant matter. Short path distillation uses a method that runs the solvent and flower through a short tube, only centimeters long, at a very low pressure. This is a popular method because it can be used to separate compounds from contaminants and refine the crude product. Fractional distillation is another relevant method to mention. This type of distillation uses a special column that can be set to multiple boiling points. Since the various compounds that make up cannabis have unique boiling points this column will separate them from each other.

Distillates are clearly the wave of the future when it comes to cannabis extractions. Both THC and CBD distillate work most efficiently when dabbed but can also be vaped in a pen with a wax-capable chamber. So, how can we use these extremely potent cannabis products to the fullest?

CBD Distillate

CBD can have a calming effect on the mind and body. That is because it is responsive to CB2 receptors. CB2 receptors are mostly located in the muscles and tissues. When we’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, a dropper full of CBD tincture can bring our endocannabinoid system back to homeostasis. CBD distillates work in the same regard, they’re just vaporized instead of ingested. CBD distillates really come in handy when we’re experiencing chronic pain, dealing with anxiety and can even be used when we’ve gotten a bit too “high” from THC and need to come down a level or two.  These dabbable products are a very hot commodity in the recreational cannabis market.

THC Distillate

When vaporized, THC distillate has no flavor and gives off no smell. While some connoisseurs find this off putting, this is ideal when trying to be discreet. THC distillate can be very helpful for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. Because of their versatility, THC distillates are one of the most desired high end products at dispensaries right now.  While the idea of getting our hands on pure THC can sound appealing, be aware that too much THC can throw off our endocannabinoid system.  For this reason, pure THC dabs can make us feel on edge and maybe even a little ornery. While experimenting with THC distillate, be sure to have some pure CBD (tincture, distillate, or even candy) nearby in case the THC-only effect comes on too strong.

  Posted: Wednesday, May 10th, 4:00am 2 years ago
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