Could We See A Canadian Ban On Canna-Swag?


We all have started to see some real hype branded canna-swag coming out recently?  Yeah, that might be the end of that for a while. 

If you thought the plain packaging was a wrong decision, you might not like the fact that the Canadian Senate just voted to ban the use of marijuana company logos on non-marijuana items—no more Medreleaf Medtainers, no more Hydropothecary hats and no more Tweed tees and totes. 




The Senate has voted (34-28) to change the Liberal government’s cannabis legalization bill with a Conservative amendment, so it prohibits cannabis “brand-stretching.” 

Sen. Judith Seidman’s amendment prohibits lateral advertising and promotion by cannabis companies. That same Tory amendment was rejected by a Senate committee earlier this week. But on Friday, the chamber as a whole opted to further reign-in promotional activities.

“To think that these products won’t develop a cachet among teenagers is delusional,” said Seidman. “We’ve seen this story before with tobacco.”

Some cannabis fans are confused about why they won’t be able to show support for their favourite marijuana company’s logo, saying it raises issues of freedom of commercial expression. Others openly mocked it on social media.

So, grab whatever canna-swag you can. You never know what could become rare and fetishized after this week when bill C-45 comes to its final third reading vote in the Senate.

June 4, 2018

by Parker Wallace

Profile photo of Parker Wallace
Parker is a cannabis enthusiast to the core who shares a keen interest in listening to what others have to say and understanding what’s important to them. Those who know Parker know that his passion for health and wellness runs deep, and his love of Canada even deeper!


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