Keeping cannabis at the optimal moisture level (55-62% R.H. or relative humidity) will make the entire experience of breaking up, rolling and smoking exponentially better. You don't fully appreciate the perfect consistency of fresh herb until you find your stash dried out, crumbly, and harsh. 

When the R.H. is below 55%, you don’t have enough moisture. This will cause your flower to dry out and turn brittle, making an unpleasant smoke. Dryness will also lessen the potency and weight. When the R.H. is above 62%, you have too much moisture that can encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria as well as mold, mildew, and fungus.

Now that growers are exhausting their resources and knowledge base to deliver craft flower at a premium, it makes sense to invest in something more sophisticated than a baggie. 

An easy to remember mnemonic is "air-tight and away from light." Like coffee and other dry ingredients that become stale over time, UV rays and oxygen are the enemies of fresh cannabis flower. From the air-tight perspective, glass is almost always better than plastic. The 125ml and 500ml or larger versions of the mason jar are simple because they can be sealed air-tight if necessary, but the clear glass still lets light through. That's why the UV bottle was born. Some high-end craft cannabis brands even demonstrate their commitment to freshness by using UV glass bottles for their retail packaging, and the dark glass also looks very slick, if you ask us. 

For additional humidity control, cannabis consumers are discovering things like humidity control packs and cannabis humidors.

Humidity Control Packs: A small packet, the size and feel of a wet nap, goes directly into a closed container of marijuana. The package lets moisture pass through, keeping bud at a respectable range of 55-62% RH until the liquid formula inside the packet hardens. 

Cannabis Humidor: By far the most expensive solution, it creates an entire environment around the ideal storage conditions. New humidors use a hygrometer to monitor relative humidity and can even sync data using Bluetooth technology to your phone. 

DIY: A cheap and easy hack one can consider is spraying down a paper towel with distilled water and placing it inside an open container of dehydrated bud; the wet towel and herb should not be touching. Leave the container sealed for up to 12 hours or until the weed is sufficiently rehydrated. Be careful not to over soak the towel with water because excess moisture could cause mold growth.

*A twist on this method is to add the peel of an orange to the container of cannabis, keeping the two materials separated.

  Posted: Saturday, June 30th, 10:04pm 6 months ago
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