For a long time, every article we read spoke of the beauty of microdosing. That is because microdosing can be a beautiful thing…for the right person. In fact, most of these articles about microdosing claim that 5-10 mg is small enough. But a true microdose is actually around 1-2 mg, and being high is in itself a cannabis overdose. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for macrodosing in today's society. In fact, both the medical and recreational cannabis markets depend on it. 

The interesting thing about the cannabis industry in the U.S. is that each state has adopted their own rules for how cannabis products are produced, packaged, and sold. One thing that is similar in each state, however, is that edibles are set at 10 mg per dose. Also, these packages must legally max out at 100 mg total. For many recreational users, this simply isn’t enough for the complex, almost psychedelic high they’re looking for from their cannabis products. Similarly, there are a lot of cannabis patients who can’t find relief from just 10-100 mg at a time. 

This has hit California especially hard, where the cannabis industry is slowly conforming to their newly adopted recreational laws. California patients are slowly watching as their favorite high-dose brands like Korova Edibles pull their lines of 300 and 500 mg infused products—and they mourn this loss. So, how will these laws affect the future landscape of the industry? It is safe to assume that many will probably turn to baking their own products instead of buying retail. This would be a hit to the companies that are currently thriving in the California medical market, but only time will tell how the market will adapt, moving forward.

  Posted: Friday, June 22nd, 3:54pm 6 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Cara Wietstock

Cara Wietstock is a native Californian living in Washington state with almost a decade of budtender experience and even more stoner experience. While she's not pontificating on the current state of cannabis for Roottie, she is practicing yoga, sipping CBD infused teas and hiking through the Pacific Northwest.

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