In a vote of 52-29, the Canadian Senate has passed the federal bill to legalize recreational cannabis. The move diminishes a 95-year prohibition to a 90-day time frame to allow the provinces to get ready to implement the new cannabis regulations. 

Canada is the first G7 country to legalize marijuana, but those with long histories in the industry are quick to remind us that the work isn't over yet.

Edibles and concentrated forms of cannabis are still not legal. The same goes for cannabis lounges, as well as using marijuana anywhere but at home. Patients and doctors want to see cannabis medicines protected from taxation. Citizens charged with non-violent marijuana crimes want clemency, while activists want to know they're safe from future cannabis-related prosecution. And we're all still waiting to find out if legal cannabis will, like Mc Gruff the dog said, "take a bite out of crime."

Will the product be dank enough? Will the pricing be reasonable to displace the black market? Only time will tell. 

The vote today happened on a motion from Sen. Peter Harder, the Government Representative in the Senate, to accept and pass the bill as is. One main point of contention in the ping-pong rounds of legislative amendment concerned the House of Commons-rejected Senate amendment, which would have given the provinces the jurisdiction to ban home cultivation of cannabis. Bill C-45 was passed, with the Senate amendment defeated. 

The next step for cannabis bill C-45 is royal assent, after which it becomes law. Canadians can expect to purchase and consume legal recreational marijuana by mid-October. 

  Posted: Wednesday, June 20th, 4:11am 6 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Alana Armstrong

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