As a part of a deep dive into the concept of recreational pot, Australia's second-most populous state is country-sourcing their information. If Victoria (the State known for Melbourne, Shiraz, and Aussie rules football) likes what they see, drug law reform may follow.

In a 586-page report, "Inquiry into Drug Law Reform," a state parliamentary committee recommends the use of a council to investigate global trends in marijuana usage and other things the State should consider when approaching drug law reform. The report names Uruguay, several U.S. states and Canada as places to look for answers.

The move shows an earnest recognition that cannabis deserves a renewed perspective. Despite extensive enforcement efforts, it remains the most widely used illicit drug in the world. However, with recent cannabis policy reform in several countries, marijuana is beginning to lose its edge.

Australia’s medical marijuana market, according to the committee, needs to streamline federal and State requirements for patients to access medicinal marijuana. The country made progress in 2017 with the help of a few Canadian cannabis producers. To start, 29 critically-ill children in Melbourne became the first Australians to gain legal access to medical cannabis, thanks to an import deal made with Tilray, a Canadian licensed producer. Also, Cannin Med Therapeutics delivered the first commercial shipment of medicinal marijuana oil to the western shores of Perth, Australia.

  Posted: Saturday, June 16th, 7:44pm 5 months ago
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