After six hours of speeches, Canada's senators passed Bill C-45, aka "the Cannabis Act," on its third reading in the upper house late Thursday by a vote of 56-30 with one abstention.

The vote represents Justin Trudeau’s final hurdle on the track to legalize marijuana this year. The Prime Minister even appointed three new independent senators this week: Donna Dasko and former judge Pierre Dalphond to represent Quebec; Dr. Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia for Newfoundland and Labrador. Dasko and Dalphond were sworn in on the Thursday of the vote, and all three voted in favour of the bill. 

Now, all eyes are on Canada as it is set to become the first G7 nation to make recreational cannabis legal.


What's With All the Amendments to the Cannabis Bill?

With nearly four dozen amendments, the bill is not the same one that entered the Senate. 

There are so many amendments, in fact, that the government may not accept them all. Remember, this bill has to pass the House of Commons again, maybe return to Senate, and then eventually advance to royal assent. 

Most of the Senate’s amendments are minor, like the one to prohibit cannabis companies from distributing so-called "canna-swag" branded merchandise. But about a dozen are significant, like the one allowing provinces to ban home cultivation and another making it an offense for a young adult to share 5 gm of cannabis with someone who is within two years their junior. Quebec and Manitoba have plans to prohibit home grow-ops, even ones of four plants or less, but the amendment would make it easier for them to enforce the rule.

For all of the amendments to be approved, rejected or modified, it could be months before marijuana becomes legal for all adults in Canada. However, it's all worth the wait to FINALLY end the misguided and misinformed 1923 prohibition.

  Posted: Friday, June 8th, 2:14pm 6 months ago
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