When it's love at first toke, the newlyweds should celebrate with smoke. 

In a twist on a wedding tradition, some couples are using the first toast to let guests choose between a glass of champagne or cone of Champagne Kush. (Really, any strain of the couple's picking.) For the consideration of guests who don't want smoke to cling to their attire or who prefer a more discrete experience, vaporizers make cannabis accessible in non-smoking venues. 

We're seeing so many brilliant and sexy ways to bring bud imagery and consumption into a wedding day, that it's hard not to start dreaming up some ideas of our own. Having a budtender on-site to help guests choose their strain is pretty standard fare these days. But how about something more subtle like medicated lip balms or nighttime salves with THC for sore, danced-out feet. There's even room for bud in the boutonnieres and bouquets if you prefer to showcase the plant material itself.

As for edibles, while they can be customized to suit the theme of the wedding, they come with more risk than reward. Marijuana wedding cookies and other pastries may fall short of being the perfect weed wedding accompaniment: they may look too tempting for non-consumers and children, confusing those who don't want to eat marijuana. And for those who do, they may take too long to take effect. But how about the super popular, new Wedding Cake strain? 

Whatever your consumption plan is, remember that while cannabis use is more socially acceptable these days, most families will require an open discussion about what to expect on the big day. Some venues prefer not to have minors present if there is cannabis; others will require IDs for entry into the consumption area.

Or you could try sharing your space with some space cakes and lessen the chance of offending friends and family. They may not even notice the difference between your wedding and those un-fun ones that only have an open bar. 

  Posted: Sunday, June 3rd, 9:59pm 6 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Alana Armstrong

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