They're not going to be legal right away in Canada, but edibles and vaporizable oils will be a major legal cannabis growth market, believes one cannabis C-Suite holder. 

If this weekend's Lift Expo in Toronto is any indication, there's a palpable shift occurring from dried flower over to concentrates and edible products. 

The rollout of such products will be very different here than in Colorado where (seemingly) all products were allowed from the start. But then, they were walked back or pulled out entirely as cases of over-consuming cannabis and mistakenly eating marijuana, shaped like familiar, non-medicated candies, arose. We even saw trademark infringements in the US that we won't be seeing much of in Canada. 

With companies attempting to profile the "new" cannabis consumer, what they are finding are groups that prefer non-smoking methods of consumption. On the medicinal side, producers have been able to gain their license to produce edible oils for sale but little else. What the public doesn't have access to yet is the bevy of innovative edibles and concentrates that these firms are dreaming up behind closed doors. 

The federal government plans to legalize cannabis for adult recreational use this summer, with provinces making the major decisions about how to produce, market and sell the substance. Producers won’t be able to manufacture oils, edibles and other products right away, and Health Canada has set July 2019 as the prospective date for edible and concentrated marijuana sales. Once they are regulated, edibles and vapour products are going to be watched closely as a growth market. 

We'll be looking out for more trends in edibles and concentrated oils for vaporizers throughout the year. Which weed products are you looking forward to buying legally? 

  Posted: Sunday, May 27th, 4:00am 6 months ago
Profile PictureWritten By: Alana Armstrong

Alana seeks to see cannabis from the perspective of politicians, advocates, entrepreneurs, and consumers. She got her start with a byline in the arts and culture section and crossed over into cannabis after using it medicinally. Current projects include investigations into cannabis and wellness; entrepreneurs of the Green Rush; cannabis for athletes; and the evolution of cannabis laws and culture in Canada.

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