The two things changing for most of us Canadians this year—being allowed to buy and grow our marijuana—are making it suddenly necessary to understand a thing or two about testing. Whether we buy it or grow it, cannabis can become contaminated to toxic levels, even legal cannabis. 

So, how do you, an ordinary citizen, get your weed checked for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, and toxic mould? We investigated your options. 

Mouldy homegrown products are prevalent and should be found out early before they are a) used, and b) the grower continues with any practices that result in mould. 

The human nose is our first line of defence against toxic mould and has tens of thousands of years of ancestral rot and decay detection. Start there: if it smells "bad" funky, either dump it or give it a second chance with some chemical testing.  

A commercial lab specializing in cannabis can help a personal gardener test their crops for a relatively small fee. The marijuana lab assessment consists of a potency test, which gives you the THC and CBD content as a percentage, plus a microbial scan. 

A microbe test is when a lab cultures a sample on an agar plate, to see if lots of microbes are growing. A lot of people have been posting these tests on social media, with lab results on everything from the germs on hand dryers to the wildlife developing on the bottom of a New Yorker's shoes. 

If the microbe count is over a specified limit, the sample fails. 

Turn around time is between 5-10 days—worth it if you don't want to be smoking what's growing in a Petri dish. 

  Posted: Sunday, April 29th, 1:16am 7 months ago
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