The Roottie approved ways to control your munchies  

Know Thy Weakness


We all have our favorite guilty pleasure foods that the right strain of weed will make us nom, until the package is empty. Some of my go-to's are sourdough toast, vanilla sandwich cookies, and lightly salted potato chips. However, without those guilty pleasure snacks in the house, we won’t worry about smashing six servings of cookies after a bong toke or a joint. Sounds too easy, right? Well, there’s more in the points below, but it all starts at the grocery store. Just don’t buy the stuff that is a guilty pleasure. Save it for every once in awhile. Stoned or not, it’s the right way to treat our body!  

Stock The Good Stuff

As we mentioned above, it’s not that easy to just say no to the munchies. Sometimes we’ve just got to have a snack. For those occasions, we should keep healthy snack options available. We have to be creative with our healthy food choices when comparing them to our usual packaged treats, especially if we love the taste of salt, saturated fats, and unnatural sugars. 

So don’t compare the taste outright. Instead, I try to match the texture. For example, if you like chips and dip, try to have carrots and hummus on hand. For those who like sweets, the right sweet fruit can be surprisingly satiating. Sometimes the munchies just come, so try to eat healthy options and keep it tight while staying high.  


Not everyone is looking to quell their appetite after blazing. In fact, some people are using cannabis medicinally to inspire this exact effect. People with anorexia or those going through chemotherapy appreciate this push to head to the fridge. That being said, there are various compounds that respond to each of our cannabinoid receptors, a complicated process that still isn’t completely understood. 

The plant has many mysterious qualities, but scientists have burst some of the mystery in this case. It seems that THCv may actually curb our appetite, making it ideal for those of us who aren’t trying to smash a day’s worth of calories in one sitting.  Strawberry Cough and Durban Poison are among those strains.   

The munchies don’t have to keep us away from cannabis—just follow our Roottie approved guidelines and stay on track with our fruit & veg… and herbs! 

  Posted: Wednesday, April 25th, 3:03am 8 months ago
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