The changes in technology and innovation are coming fast and furious in the cannabis industry. Here are some of the new products on the market today.


Marijuana Grow-Op Lighting

Interest in LED lighting is hot right now. And thanks to longer-lasting diodes and lower power need, they produce ample light for a more extended period without maintenance. For a more expensive investment, LEDs present a lower cost than high-pressure sodium metal halides or T5 fluorescents. 

On top of all that, savvy creators are making LED systems with custom light spectrums and plug-and-play light recipes. These systems work with a native app so that growers can use strain-specific lighting to maximize the phenotype responses of specific cannabis strains. 


Cannabinoid Extraction Technology

Solvent extractors and rosin presses are getting more sophisticated each day, but there's always room for improvement.

Techniques that were once hazardous have given way to methods and tools that won't burn down your house. And they're speedy too! If you dab, you've probably already tried solventless extracts that were made in seconds, using this latest technology. 

They range from at-home to industrial to science fiction.  


Isolating Terpenes From Cannabis

Juicy and delicious "terps" sometimes need coaxing out of the plant material by way of isolation technology, which has also benefited from innovative advancements. (Ultimately made possible because of consumer interest.)

Here's where we see some crossover technology from both the fragrance and essential oils industries. Steam distillation is one such example, working as well for cannabis as it does for other botanicals. The technique uses rising steam to pull the oils from the plant material as it passes through. Even the water by-product from this process is useful. 

Because of this, you can expect to see more products boasting isolated terpenes in the coming years. 


Rosin Presses, The Truly Solventless Extract

The demand for solventless extracts has made the race for better press technology competitive. Large hydraulic or pneumatic cannabis presses have been supercharged to operate at pressures of more than 20 tons, while small personal at-home rosin presses can process small amounts of hash oil without the use of a hair straightening iron. By using less heat, both methods preserve more terpenes, and that makes everyone happy. 

  Posted: Thursday, April 19th, 2:23pm 7 months ago
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