While working at a dispensary in San Francisco, a fellow budtender noticed how much coffee and cannabis our crew drank simultaneously. The combination was dubbed "the hippie speedball," a combination of uplifting and downer effects that seemed a bit counterintuitive to him. Now, Northwestern University has reported that coffee may actually do the very opposite of cannabis.

A three-month trial based in Finland asked 47 participants to abstain from coffee for one month before spending another month drinking four cups per day. The month after that, the participants drank eight cups a day. Subjects went through blood tests throughout the process so that the research team could understand how the 800 metabolites in our blood are affected by the popular stimulant.  

What they found was that neurotransmitters related to the endocannabinoid system decrease when we ingest anywhere from 4 to 8 cups of coffee per day. These neurotransmitters deliver messages between cells. In this case, coffee decreases cannabinoids from the endocannabinoid receptors, whereas ingesting cannabis builds them up. In basic terms, this study has revealed that coffee is doing the very opposite of what cannabis is doing, as far as our endocannabinoid system is concerned.

In addition to this enlightening fact, the study also showed signs that ingesting this quantity of coffee may facilitate the excretion of steroids. This is an entirely new discovery in the medical world, and since these steroids are a focus for cancer and other conditions, it is a very exciting discovery. With this information, at least stoners can go forward knowing that our fourth cup of coffee might offset our wake and bake all together. So, it appears that three may be the magic number for the max cups of java to be had when using cannabis.

  Posted: Monday, March 19th, 4:05am 8 months ago
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